Department of Psychiatry

OP TIMINGS: 09:00am to 03:00pm, All Days Except Sunday


Department of Psychiatry started in 2006 offers high quality graduate programme and comprehensive IP & OP treatment (Counselling, Psychotherapy, Medication, Psychosocial management) for a spectrum of mental health issues.

Casualty and Emergency psychiatry services are available 24/7

De-addiction: Provides Detoxification, Investigation, MET Psychological, Pharmacological management for drug use disorders

Special Clinics

  • Monday, Wednesday: General OP
  • Tuesday: De addiction
  • Thursday: Family Clinic
  • Friday: Geriatric Clinic
  • Saturday: Child and Adolescent Clinic – Focusing on academic, Relationship & Behavioral issues


Services offered by multidisciplinary team of dedicated psychiatrist, Clinical psychologist, Nursing professionals, Psychiatry social worker

Therapy: FT, MT, DBT, MET, CBT, BT, RET and Individualized therapy

Child and Adolescent: Neurodevelopment disorders, Autism, ADHD, IQ Assessment, Career counseling, ID – Intellectual Disability, Conduct disorder

General Adult Services : Mood disorder (Mania, Depression) Anxiety Disorders, Phobia, GAD, Sleep Disorders, Eating Disorders, Personality Disorders, PTSD, Trauma management, Somatoform Disorders, Stress Disorders, Delusional Disorders, Schizophrenia, Sexual Disorders

Geriatric: Sleep issues, Memory Impairment, Dementia, Neuro psychological assessment, anxiety, mood disorders, and psychosis

Consultation: Liaison Psychiatry: - Care of patients with comorbid psychiatry, general medical and surgical condition (Delirium, CVA, CAD, Oncology) (Maternal mental health services)

Psycho Neurology: Headache Clinic

De addiction: Alcohol, Nicotine, MDMA, Cocaine, Inhalants, Cannabis, Opioids

Behavioral Addiction: Mobile/Internet/Gaming Addiction


Public Health campaigns

Community: Say no to Drug awareness campaigns

“Save life” project: - Suicide prevention

Monthly camps for underprivileged

  • Reaching unreached through
  • Schools, Colleges, Panchayath, Police station

Camps for Asha workers, ICDS, Kudumbashree workers


Special rooms, special ward for Male and female patients