The department of anaesthesia at karuna medical college hospital is entirely state of the art, providing excellent anesthesia services for all the surgical specialties within our hospital. Our team of anaesthesiologists is experienced in ensuring quality pain relief diring surgeries and also supports our patients in their post-operative recovery. Special emphasis is laid on critical care and trauma management for patients admitted to the casualty or intensive care unit. We also undertake non-surgical pain relief and critical care management of other medical illnesses.


  • Pre operative anaesthesia checks up.
  • Anaesthesia (general anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia, peripheral neural blocks, total intravenous anaesthesia) for all major and minor surgeries including complex urological, orthopedic and surgical procedures.
  • Anaesthesia for day care surgery.
  • Monitored anaesthesia care
  • Pain clinic, with specialization in ultrasound guided neural blocks.
  • Labour analgesia ( painless labour/ delivery)
  • ICU (Medical and surgical) care – 20 bedded ICU with multipara monitors and 6 ICU ventilators.
  • Trauma care and management.
  • BLS/ACLS training.


  • Established in 2006, at the inception of the hospital and medical college, the department of anaesthesiology has always strived to achieve excellence in our rendering of comprehensive anaesthesia services. Going forward, the department aims to enhance its arsenal of anaesthesia care with newer equipment, updated skills, techniques and procedures to cater the population of palakkad and pollachi districts, the best in surgical, trauma and allied medical treatment. In future, we endeavor to focus on clinical research and training with the vision of becoming an apex institute for anaesthesia in central Kerala.


  • Early stimulation therapy
  • Play area
  • All specialty clinics
    • 12 well appointed operation theatres including emergency theatres spread over 3 different levels within the hospital complex.
    • Modern anaesthesia work station suitable for administration of anaesthesia for all types of surgical procedures.
    • 20 bedded medical /surgical ICU with sophisticated ICU Ventilators.
    • Minimum anaesthesia standards of monitoring for all patients with multipara monitors. Advanced monitoring techniques like central venorus pressure monitoring, invasive blood pressure monitoring, blood gas analysis, peripheral neural stimulation studies etc.
    • Different airway management with instruments such as flexible fiber optic bronchoscope, laryngeal mask airways, gum elastic bougies etc.
    • Defibrillators and all major emergency life- saving medications.
    • Skill lab for BLS/ACLS training and learning laryngoscopy, intra venorus cannulation techniques.